02 February 2008

I got wheels...

I've eventually got myself a set of wheels in the form of an ex-BT van. It's a Ford Escort. A proven paddling mobile on many Lake District and Lune Valley boating missions and hopefully it'll prove itself in Scotland to be just as reliable. Awaiting a roof rack, which has been on order since Thursday and having slight problems with getting some tunes sorted for the van as I can't get the radio out to get it unlocked or replace it with a CD Player. Anyone help?

I leave for Scotland in a week and a bit. 12th February to be precise. I'm getting slightly excited about the prospect of having my own transport for paddling missions when I'm not working and even more excited by the fact that I'll be back at PGL for seven months this time. Love it.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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