25 April 2011

Evening Cragging Again

Seconding Guillotine (E3, 5c).

Bank Holiday Weekend is over and after a couple of exceptionally busy days at work we were noticeably quieter today meaning we were away by five o'clock. This allowed for a quick skirmish over to Reecastle Crag to tick Rack Direct (E2, 5c) and then Guillotine (E3, 5c).

I've lead Rack Direct before, but it was nice to repeat the route in good style with minimal fuss, and then second my partner on Guillotine before heading for home for some daddy/daughter time.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

18 April 2011


Phoebe Grace Robinson.

It's been a bit quiet on the climbing front for a while, especially when you compare the previous couple of months with the same months last year. This doesn't mean I'm turning into a couch potato. It's probably the opposite; I've started running around Carlisle seven times a fortnight so my general fitness has certainly improved.

The main reason for this decline in climbing activity is down to one person, Phoebe Grace Robinson, who was born on the 15th April 2011, weighing 8lb 7oz, meaning I'm spending a lot of time in and around the house, which I am actually enjoying more than I thought I would.

I head back to work on Friday so will probably get back on the rock soon after. This is because after finishing my dissertation, looking into the affects of fatherhood on outdoor participants, I've come up with a plan of action that revolves around climbing twice a week after work and spending the rest of the time in Carlisle either running, pulling on the fingerboard or entertaining Phoebe.

More pictures of Phoebe Grace can be found here.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

07 April 2011

April Sunshine

I got out for a couple of hours this afternoon/evening for a spot of cragging. The venue was the Castle Rock of Triermain and we were blessed with cloudless skies, bone dry rock and the slightest of breezes, which provided a slight chill when the sun went behind a cloud.

An unknown climber on Direct Route (VS, 4b).

I got a lead up the slightly bold Gazebo (HVS, 5a) before seconding Kleinne Rinne (VS, 4b) and Gangway Climb (VD). All three were really enjoyable and were made even better by the quality of the rock, but at times the protection was hard to arrange.

The final difficulties on Kleine Rinne (VS, 4b).

Looking across to the exit slab on the Castle Rock of Triermain's South Crag whilst a climber approaches the top of Gangway Climb (VD).

The gangway on the Gangway Climb (VD).

It looks like this spell of weather is going to hold so evening cragging is certainly on the cards for the next couple of days.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

03 April 2011

Sandy Times

It was back to that Sunday tradition of climbing sandstone on a Sunday today. The venue was the familiar Armathwaite. I have visited the crag eleven times before, I think, and have only ever attempted to lead the routes that were first climbed in the 70's and 80's once before. Today that changed; I went down to the banks of the River Eden intent on ticking off some of the routes.

Setting out on Cally Crack (E3, 5b/c).

We started out on the three star classic, Flasherman (VS, 4c), where I was able to get used to the intricacies of leading on soft sandstone; a lot of thought has to be given to the quality of rock the protection is placed in and this is what had put me off leading at Armathwaite in the past. However, with a renewed confidence, and having dispatched Flasherman, we set out to climb Cally Crack (E3, 5b/c).

Getting a rest after placing the gear to protect the crux.

Going for it.

It was a nice route, which was reasonably well protected, but was incredibly tiring; it was past vertical for a short period of time before it relented and you could run it out to the top. Following this we headed upstream to the final buttress to sample Jelly Terror (E1, 5b) and the extremely delicate Barnacle Bill (E1, 5b), before heading for home.

Making delicate moves around the overhang of Barnacle Bill (E1, 5b).

It's back to work tomorrow.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

The Gibbet (E1, 5c)

I said in my post, after Monday's evening session at Reecastle, that I would make an effort to get hold of some of the pictures from my ascent of The Gibbet (E1, 5c) and here they are.

Approaching the crux.

Fiddling in some micro-wires before committing to the crux.

Working out the sequence through the crux.

Half way through the crux.

Nearly through the crux.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...