15 February 2010


Frozen ropes.

I don't think I have ever had two successive posts that have contrasted so much. It is strange to think that on Saturday I was climbing on dry, sun soaked rock, and two days later I was seven miles away ticking off a snow choked, grade I/II gully.

Crossing a snow slope on the approach to the gully.

Today's climb was part of a practical session run by the University and if I was being honest it was one of the best sessions I've had. We started out from the disused mines besides Glenridding Youth Hostel and beat our way up towards Red Tarn and Catstye Cam before contouring off to the base of Catstye Cam's central gully.

Bouldering on an ice fall at the base of the gully.

Once we were at the base of the gully and the small ice falls, which were near by, had been exhausted we sped off up the gully, running out 60m rope lengths at a time, before bringing our second up, who would then repeat the process until we eventually made it to the summit.

Looking down into the gully.

On the summit of Catstye Cam after a successful ascent of the gully.

Once at the summit we quickly packed the gear away before jogging down to Red Tarn and the tourist path, which follows Red Tarn Beck, back down to the Youth Hostel.

More pictures of the day can be found here.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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