20 September 2010

A couple more days in the sun...

Making a big move on L'uomo che non credeva (F6a+).

After the failure of Friday's climbing we decided to turn Saturday's rest day into a climbing day. We headed back up to the Grande Grotta Cave, but instead of heading right, towards the Panorama Sector and the wasp nest, we headed left, back to the Afternoon Sector. Here we had the most productive day of the whole holiday; we ticked six routes ranging from F6a to F6b+, and all were climbed onsight. This meant that I ticked my hardest onsight lead of the holiday and this put me in a good mood for the rest of the day.

Another day coming to an end; the sun about to fall below the horizon.

The locals of Eborios fishing from the harbour, with the limestone cliffs of the Odyssey and Grande Grotta sectors behind.

We whiled away the rest of the day besides the pool, before heading out for the night on a Sunset Tour of the island. A coach picked us up and headed north, stopping once at Skalia as the sun went down and then again at Eborios, which is where the road terminates, before heading back along the road to Arginoda for a traditional Greek meal.

Trying to swap hands in a pocket on Ibria (F6b+).

The following day we were back out on the rock and the sector of choice was Poets. We ticked two routes, Metaxas (F6a) and MAO (ex Via Alp) (F6a), before trying Ibria, a super technical F6b+. I was feeling confident that I would get to the top after the previous days successes, but this was not to be; I ended up leaving a karabiner behind, three bolts from the top, so that I could lower back down to the ground and nurse my wounded pride.

Red clouds hang above the Grande Grotta Sector and Armeos as another day comes to an end.

And now we're on another rest day. There are only two more days left of the holiday, but because we don't leave the island until 7pm, we also have two days of climbing ahead of us.

More pictures of the holiday can be seen here.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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