05 November 2010

It's all gone a bit wet

It's been a bit wet recently and this only means one thing: kayaking. I've eventually got round to emptying the back of the van of climbing kit and have started getting used to the damp, wet smell that comes with the kayaking scene. Yesterday, the rivers were huge and after getting a quick morning run down the Greta we headed over to the Caldew, behind Blencathra.

Sneaking down Grainsgill Beck into the Caldew.

A very high Caldew.

Whilst we walked into the river, and paddled the opening sections, the river rose a good few feet making the navigation downstream extremely hazardous. We all walked the classic Picnic Pool drop as a humongous hole blocked any downstream progression and, a couple of hundred meters further downstream, there was a very continuous section, which looked horrific. We walked around this before blasting down the last couple of hundred meters and these were very interesting to say the least.

Today, we were back out and quite surprisingly a lot of stuff had dropped off. We checked in on the Caldew, which looked totally different to the previous day, before heading into the Borrowdale Valley to eventually tick off Langstrath Beck.

Walking into a very autumnal Langstrath Beck.

Heading off down Slip and Slide, Langstrath Beck.

Approaching The Fairy Hole, Langstrath Beck.

Galleny Force, Langstrath Beck.

Approaching the Final Fling, Langstrath Beck.

Langstrath Beck must be one of prettiest rivers in the whole of Cumbria and after getting our kicks on the many slides and drops we headed a bit further east, into the Newlands Valley, to sample the tree infested, and rocky ditch known as Keskadale Beck, which feeds into Newlands Beck, which we finished the day on.

Walking into Keskadale Beck.

Keskadale Beck.

The main interest on Newlands Beck.

More pictures of the day can be found here.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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