02 May 2011

Bouldering with Feebs

This afternoon I was at The Bowderstone for a bouldering session with Phoebe. It's been a while since I've been out bouldering and after spending an hour on the fingerboard last night and feeling extremely weak I was slightly apprehensive about the session. However, The Bowderstone is the most pushchair friendly venue in the North Lakes and it allowed us to call in on The Toy Chest so that Phoebe could enjoy some retail therapy.

Daddy and me heading to The Bowderstone.

Despite my reservations about my bouldering strength I quickly ticked off The Rib (V3), The Crack (V4), The Ramp (V4), The Crack Direct (V5) and The Crack Super Direct (V6) before having a rest despite feeling strong on all five problems.

Daddy starting up The Crack (V4).

Daddy on The Crack Super Direct (V6), which I think looks very similar to The Crack and The Crack Direct, but he says it's a different problem.

Once I felt suitably rested and had played around with Phoebe for a while I set to working Statstick (V6) once again. I got to my previous high point, positioned my feet and popped for the finishing hold, touched it and then as my foot swung off gravity took over and I plummeted to the ground.

Daddy trying Statstick (V6) once again.

This is how it went for about three or four attempts. Between each attempt I messed around with Phoebe, which allowed me to rest properly, meaning I could put all my effort into every single attempt. On what could have been my fifth attempt of the session I popped for the finishing hold, touched it and then as my foot swung off and gravity started to take over, I tensed what could have been every single muscle in my body, which allowed me to stick the hold, then after rearranging my feet I matched that final hole.

Daddy seemed quite happy when he matched the final hold on Statstick (V6).

After ticking the problem I took another good rest and started working Picnic Sarcastic (V7) once again, which I don't think I have tried for nearly a year. I got to my high point on my first attempt and didn't get any further in the session.

Daddy trying the moves on Picnic Sarcastic (V7) with little success, which probably means I'll have to go back and sit around waiting until he finally does it.

Some more pictures of Phoebe at the Bowderstone are here.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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