16 December 2006

More parting with cash antics...

Well, this morning I parted with more money.

This time it wasn't on a posh dry suit, like last Saturday, oh no, but it was kayaking related never the less. I have on order from Penstock Productions their Seven Rivers Expedition DVD and I also signed up to a year's subscription of LVM.

Whilst I was browsing their catalogue I came across a section dedicated to Katie Hilleke - sister of Tommy Hilleke, a well know creek boater from Asheville, NC - who isn't that bad a paddler herself. This section was there to help raise funds to cover medical bills incurred for the chemo therapy she has been having on a recently diagnosed case of colon cancer. I, with out hesitation, clicked the button to donate some money. Being a paddler means that you are part of a tight knit group who will try and support each other in a myraid of ways and this is how I felt it was best to show my support. It is nice to think that the paddling community would also pull together if I was in need, like they have done for Katie.

If you'd like to donate money to help Katie Hilleke you could do no worse by clicking here.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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