25 April 2008

Bon Voyage

Well, I'm off again on my travels. I got back from Scotland on Wednesday night quickly unpacked and re-packed to leave for France today. I leave in just over 15 minutes to catch a train to Birmingham and then a coach to PGL's head office in the Ardeche. Then for me it's another drive over to the Alps for my season of raft guiding the Durance. It should be good, but it's just a shame I've had to leave so many people I love and call friends behind in Scotland. I know I'll keep in touch with them all, but I won't see them face-to-face now until the end of August which puts a big downer on everything.

On another note: I'll have my laptop with me in France and there's an Internet connection on site so I can keep the blog updated as and when things happen and not just a huge dump of posts when I get back to Preston like you may have seen yesterday.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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