30 April 2008


We've eventually got the Internet on site so I can get some emailing and Internet work done. It's been hard the last few days. I've really been missing Dalguise and Jemma I suppose. Today I really fancied handing my notice in and just heading back to Scotland as it's nothing like i have experienced before working for PGL. We're still building the site at the moment as the French destroyed it with the giant flood defenses they built. I'll stick it out for another month or so in the hope that it improves. If it doesn't; who knows what i'll do.

Since I got here on Saturday I've been rafting most days. Actually since Sunday I've been on the river every day apart from today getting my hours in and experience up before assessments on 5th May with Bob Timms. It's been really cold out here and most day's it's around on or around 10 degrees centigrade. I've been freezing on the river as I've only got summer gear, but I'm just about coping. The snow is down to 1000m so it's expected to be a big water year which should make it better with any luck.

Pictures will follow.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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