06 May 2008

The Durance by Kayak

Got my first full day off today so I made use of the van which was driving up the valley to drop the rafters off for their assessment by chucking a Pyranha Burn, which I borrowed off another staff member, on the trailer so I could paddle down the river. Once on the river I realised that this was the first ever time I had kayaked down a river in the French Alps, or even France for that matter. Wow! Isn't that amazaing.

Anyway the paddling was good. It was the Durance so it was just big, fast, bouncy class two/three for nine and a bit miles. The Rabioux Hole was fairly big as was Iron Bridge, but all was good. However I did feel rather wobbly in the boat, almost as if it was my first time on a river. I think it may be down to the fact that I wasn't in a Jackson Rocker and I hadn't paddled for well over three weeks. I've also got my new AT paddles so getting use to them may also add to the equation.

Two other kayaker's descending the Durance.

Flipping the raft at the aptly named Dumbertruck.

Ironbridge Rapid.

After paddling the Durance I headed back to site, got changed and headed up to Embrun town to buy a few things so I could send some stuff back to England and phone a few people back home. I also did my touristy thing and got a few pictures of buildings in the medieval town. Look, there's one (not a building, but a picture) just under this paragraph.

Rivers are still rising. The Durance is now at 85 on the guage and the Guil is also said to have come up. I think we may be off to paddle Rabioux Creek this evening if all goes well with everything back on site for those that are working today.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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