10 May 2008

Sleeping at 1219m

At Embrun we offer the guests a night time bivi as a session. Obviously staff have to have very specific training for this session. Whilst I have been out on the river rafting a group of eight staff members have been walking miles each day as they are trained in the session. When it comes to assessment they need guinnee pigs so who better to use than the rest of the staff team. So on Thursday morning the majority of the staff packed up there things and headed off site to the drop off point somewhere in the Durance valley.

Where we got dropped off.

Somewhere on the ascent.

From here we walked for five miles, stopping regularly to do things that the bivi leaders needed to do for their assessment until eventually we reached our bivi site, which was at the spot height of 1219m. That's 125m lower than Ben Nevis. It's weird to think that I was sleeping higher than most people in the UK that night. Tarps were taken out of bags and hung in many elaborate ways to try and make shelter for the night as clouds formed over the mountains to the south.

The bivi site all set out for a nights sleep.

Luckily the clouds did not appear over head to produce rain and we had a clear night to look at the stars once the guys on assessment had done everything they needed to do.

Telling stories around the campfire. One of the things we have to do with the kids.

The night went well. I slept amazing well considering the fact that all I had to keep me warm was my sleeping bag and a little protection from a tarp hung across a few trees and a karrimat that was as thin as a pencil lead.

The next day required a half-seven start ready for the descent back to the coach and then back to site to do site work and paper work for some of the sessions I've been put on.

The descent into the Durance Valley.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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