09 June 2008

A Post for Once

Looking to the River Tay from Dunkeld Cathedral's gardens.

Well I've been neglecting these pages for the last couple of weeks - looking back the last time I posted was the 20th May when I returned from France. What's the main reason for this? I've not done anything that I felt warranted a post. I've been working in a local corner shop and been doing nothing else. I haven't been paddling; mainly because the dry suit was in the repair shop and my boat is making its way over the Atlantic to meet back up with me in Scotland. That brings me onto the reason for this post. Tomorrow I'm back off up to Scotland to work over the summer period back at what seems to have become my second home of late, PGL Dalguise. Hopefully it'll work out better than the last PGL contract I held. To be honest I know it'll work out and I'll have a top notch summer in the Tay Valley. Paddling wise I'm going to be limited as there is a lack of water in Scotland as there's no precipitation. I suppose I'm left with jaunts on the mighty Tay and, when releasing, the Tummel. Climbing will have to be my principle activity up there I suppose. What a hard life!!!

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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Richard said...

Hey Dude, you should check out the North Esk. Always runnable even in the summer. Nice grade 4 pool drop run.