22 June 2008

The Four Omegos

The mother duck.

Today was my first day of offsite sessions with the kids up at Loch Tay. This is a pretty sweet day because most of it is spent not in contact with the children. Alot of their session is taken up with travelling to and from the loch so we actually only really have them for two hours at best. This does mean that we have a rather long dinner break and today, like most days at the loch I'm told, there were four ducklings - The Four Omegos - and their mother swimming around the watersports base.

We fed them some of our lunch and I snapped some pictures. There are some pictures taken underwater of the ducklings diving down to the bottom of the loch, but due to the internet connection I'm using I can't really post them up on the web at the moment. Anyway it was a good day. I had some fun on the water whilst supervising kids, which hasn't really been the case really and I got to use my new AT's, which also hasn't been that common.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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