03 July 2008

The Scottish Summer

Staff boats lines up on the slipway at the Croft-na-Caber.

Well for the past two days I've been working up at Loch Tay, where PGL holds one of it's only water sports sessions for kids who visit Dalguise. It's quite an easy day really, and it's a nice session to be on. It's made even better if, during the dinner break you can get a bit of sun bathe is as well, but only when the sun makes an appearance. Today it did, so we managed to catch a few rays. Yesterday the weather wasn't as great but still a few members of staff got out for a wind surf in their lunch break. It's been a good few days and it was rounded off just nice with a cheeky paddle down the rapids at Grandtully before racing back to site for some Cornish Pasties and chocolate doughnuts.

Paddling the rapids at Grandtully was the first time Roger the II had seen white water and it had also been the first time for me in a while. It was a nice jaunt and it was good to get back on moving water in a boat which is somewhat familiar to me. Things are good.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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