07 July 2008

A Scottish Summer Evening

Reaching out. Soloing one of the overhangs at Craig-ne-Hey.

The Tay valley has seen some good weather of late. This evening for example I sat out for a good two hours just enjoying the sun whilst site was refilled with a fresh load of kids. The other Saturday at lunchtime when the weather was particularly good plans were made to head to the local crag for a bit of a climb, sun bathe and BBQ. Needless to say the weather had turned by the time afternoon sessions had finished and we had all been fed.

Still we managed a few climbs and a small BBQ before the weather became truly awful and we had to pack up and run as the rain started beating down. The climbing was good, nothing exceptional. I did some bouldering at the bottom of the scree field before making my way to the main crag for a bit of a soloing session on some of the routes found at Craig-ne-Hey. It was a good night. The next night I planned on making a pilgrimage to the Tummel, which is one of the classic Scottish summer paddles. Unfortunately I found out I was working that night. Oh well. Maybe another time.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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