20 July 2008

Pogo Sticks, Ducks and Paddling

Yesterday was my day off so naturally I headed off site. First of all we headed to Perth to pick up Jemma's new Sweet Rocker kayaking helmet. The one that's red with dragons as well. Two of the four have names. We still need to name two of them. Suggestions on a Post Card. She also bought me a travel Pogo Stick. Once the quick shopping trip had come to an end we headed north to the Stanley section of the Tay.

Trying out the Pogo Stick before getting ready to paddle.

The actual time spent on the river was short lived. We paddled upstream from the cars to a small grade two rapid where I messed around a while before heading back to the van. After a while we moved on down to the wave where I surfed for a while before heading back to the van to play on the Pogo Stick and throw a ball around.

Playing on a wave at Stanley.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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