10 December 2009

Winter sunshine

Looking across to Carrock Fell's eastern flanks on a clear December morning.

Eventually the weather has become a bit more conducive to climbing outdoors, which I am hugely thankful for because the only climbing I have done of late has been indoors on plastic and resin. This isn't a bad thing, but training four times a week indoors does get you longing for fresh air, real rock and natural light after a while. This favourable weather window also enabled me to brake up a five-and-a-three-quarter hour break between lectures and tutorials with something of interest; climbing.

Looking across Carrock Fell's scree slopes to Low Boulder, Mushroom Boulder and Boardman's Boulder.

When the discussion on Social Class in the Outdoors was over this morning I was almost running back to the van so I could make the quick dash west to Carrock Fell to sample its delights. Unfortunately only a couple of lines were dry after a heavy downpour last night but they still required some effort, thought and skill to send. However it was just good to get outside for a change and relax on a mountain side, enjoying the December sunshine; the climbing was almost a secondary, rather than a primary, element to the break in between classes.

The starting hold of Sitting Block Direct (V3).

As you can see from the pictures featured there are few of me climbing today, in fact their were none of the climbing action, as I was unable to set the camera up for any half decent self-portraits. The rock architecture surrounding the dry problems wasn't conducive to good self-portrait photography if I was being honest.

Looking out from Carrock Fell across to Greystoke Forest.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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