21 May 2010

This evening's climbing activities...

I can't quite believe it... it is too warm for climbing at the moment. I don't think I'd ever here myself saying that about climbing in the UK, but after the Carrock Fell session on Wednesday and the Bowderstone session yesterday I finally found myself uttering those three words - "it's too warm" - when I kept sliding off sweaty holds.

Prow One (Font 5+).

Today I decided that I'd rest during the day and head out in the evening in the hope that it will have cooled down slightly, making conditions a bit more favourable. The venue of choice was Queens Crag, over in Northumberland, which is becoming one of my favourite bouldering venues, and even with the slightest of breezes I found that conditions were still not favourable; I was having to fight to stay on grease covered holds. This meant that the evening session was only a short one, but it was still enjoyable; I repeated two problems I have sent on a previous occasion, onsighted a Font 5 and 5+ respectively, sent Two Tickets to the Gun Show (7a), which I worked on a previous visit, and is actually my hardest boulder problem to date, before beginning work on Worldline (Font 7b).

Trying to work out Worldline (Font 7b).

I'm at work tomorrow so I'm going to have a proper rest day for a change.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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