24 October 2010

Back in Yorkshire

The limestone pavement atop of Chapel-le-Dale's Lower Teir.

It has now come to that time of year when climbing on the rock is almost a write off, because of the rain showers, which frequent these autumnal months, but with a bit of thought it is still possible to get out on the rock. This does mean that a bit of driving is usually needed as the Lake District rhyolite is not suited to these damp conditions, but the county of Yorkshire is blessed with rock, be it limestone or gritsone, which is ideal for these autumnal conditions.

Looking out across the Dales from the Umbrella Overhangs.

And because I was on the gritstone on Wednesday it only seemed fitting to get out on the limestone of the Dales. The venue of choice was Chapel-le-Dale, which looks down on Oddie's Lane, an old Roman road, and the River Doe, which flows south-west into Ingleton, and it must be one of the best outlooks in the Dales.

Just after the sun disappears behind the crag and below the horizon.

I suppose it was a shame that the routes were not befitting of the outlook. They were, at best, ten meters high and the difficulty was usually found in the first couple of moves needed to leave the ground. It was an enjoyable day however and provided some respite from the work/university routine that I am slowly falling into at the moment.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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