13 October 2010

And... now it's October

I got out climbing again today and it was, without a doubt, an October day. Not only was it cold, but also damp because of the low-lying cloud. This was unlike Sunday's climbing marathon and, to a degree, yesterday's bouldering session at Carrock Fell. However, the rock was, at best, dry but it was greasy and in places there was some seepage from the vegetation, which was glued to the rhyolite buttresses.

Supermodel (E1, 5b).

What was similar with Sunday's climbing marathon was the fact that we visited a couple of crags, rather than basing our operations at one venue, which meant we had plenty of good routes to go at. We began the day at Fat Charlie's Buttress, which lies close to Langstrath Beck, and after ticking two routes here, we headed a bit further up the hill, away from the beck, to Bleak How, which I have visited before.

The Reiver (HVS, 5a).

We ticked The Reiver (HVS, 5a), which I backed-off from on our previous visit, before decided on tackling the impressive, and foreboding slab on the left of the crag, which Brush Off (HVS, 4c) weaves it's way up.

The bold and foreboding slab.

Looking across the cloud filled valley whilst climbers work away on Brush Off (HVS, 4c).

Trying to find the cleanest bit of rock on Brush Off (HVS, 4c).

More pictures of the day can be found here.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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