09 January 2007

Take a look-see

I was checking my emails today when this dropped into my Inbox. It is a video of me running "a strong hole" on the Clough on Sunday. Why "a strong hole"? That is how Stuart Miller in his excellent guidebook White Water Lake District describes it.

I was impressed with how I ran this particular drop as when I got out of my boat to scout it I could see two possible lines. One was on the right and would be a bit tight, maybe even requiring me to get the hull of the boat to scrape down the rocks on the lip of the drop and the other was on the left. This required me to get the boat on top of a boil and paddle away. As can be seen in the video this is the line I went for and after watching the video again and again for the last five minutes I can see that I near enough hit the line spot on, which is what impressed me the most. I looked at a feature, assessed the lines available, evaluated the possibilities and then implemented the line I decided was the best for my skills.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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