02 January 2007

I have mail...

You may remember that a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I had put an order into Penstock Productions for their Seven Rivers Expedition DVD and a year's subscription to LVM. Well today a package, after seventeen days of waiting, dropped through my letterbox from America and hit the vestibule floor with a slightly worrying amount of force. I took a break from the revision I'm wading my way through at the moment, for my upcoming modular exams, and ripped open the package to be left with LVM 20 and the Seven Rivers Expedition in my hands.

I dutifully popped the second of the above mentioned DVDs into my player and sat down to watch whilst taking a break from revision. Wow... is all I can say. Wow. That was one amazing expedition those paddlers planned, carried out and documented. It was probably one of, maybe even the most significant whitewater undertaking in the United States in the last 20 years. The actual footage was quite raw and uncut, but it just added to the whole expedition experience, at times it felt like you were the one stood behind the camera watching them getting pasted and sticking some amazing lines on what has to be some of the most demanding whitewater in one amazing wilderness. It just makes you want to get out their, paddle and document it as well as John Grace. I can only dream of being a part of an expedition as groundbreaking as the one they managed, but who knows if I live my life to the full and don't let everyday life hold me back it may just be possible.

It was then back to revision but I've now watched LVM 20 and it was good, not as good as the Seven Rivers Expedition DVD, but still it opened my eyes into the paddling lifestyle especially as it looked back at the previous five years of LVM. I just can't wait until LVM 21 drops through my door as it'll be featuring some local[ish] paddlers.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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