08 January 2007

Another bit of Nostalgia

I've been looking through some of the older shots I have of myself in the early days of my kayaking life which can be found in my 100mb+ collection. The photo featured is that old now (November 03) that most of the kit I am wearing does not feature on any of my more recent pictures and hasn't seen water for a good few months/years. In fact two pieces of it, the paddle and helmet, aren't actually mine but on loan from the canoe club at the time the picture was taken. As for the boat, Eskimo Kendo Sport, that's sat in my backyard looking all dry and sorrowful at not seeing the water for so long. Maybe I should give it up and sell it.

On another totally unrelated topic after yesterdays river trips I have now ticked off four-and-a-half rivers on 'the list' set down last November. Why four-and-a-half rivers? I only did the Lower Rawthey yesterday, where as the Rawthey I stated on 'the list' was more specific to the upper section, so I feel that constitutes only half a tick. What's now left?
  • Sprint
  • Mint
  • Hindburn
  • Roeburn
  • Rawthey - upper
Looking at the weather for the coming week it looks possible that, if I get my act together and get a group of mates together, we can at least strike another, maybe even two more, rivers off 'the list'.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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