23 November 2006


I got a letter through today from PGL, one of the three companies I have applied to for work during my Gap Year. The letter I got sounded positive ("...you have the potential to make an excellent asset to the PGL staff team"), and I'm hoping it's going to work out for me and I get placed in France for the majority of the year instructing English school kids to kayak, whilst also getting in some of my own personal paddling on some Alpine rivers.

As for the present, the situation for the weekend is looking good. There is still alot of water around in the Lakes and Howgills, and just as much in Scotland and Wales, though it is unlikely that I'll get to the last two destinations. Maybe I'll get out on both Saturday and Sunday and start making headway on the list of rivers I want to do this season:
  • Upper Lune (done)
  • Rawthey
  • Clough
  • Hindburn
  • Roeburn
  • Kent - with lots of water; not just the low levels I'm used to
  • Sprint
  • Mint
  • Duddon
That's all for now.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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