29 December 2007

Back from a break

Today was the first time in ten days I've been out paddling. This is down to two things: not much water and being up in Scotland for Christmas without a boat. On returning to England and Lancashire through sheets of rain an email was sent almost instantly to a list of paddling contacts yesterday and by 9pm all the arrangement were sorted. Meeting at a service station then heading on to go and look at the Lower Rawthey.

When the day came the meeting place was changed and after looking at the Lower Rawthey, some of the group were put off by the levels caused by the biblical rain, we back tracked a little and headed for the Greta which flows out of Ingleton. Once on the river we headed downstream doing the usual thing.

Three of the paddlers sat at the side of the river.

Paddling downstream.

Running the main event on the river.

Team running the drop after the main event.

Once the Ingleton Greta was complete me and another paddler made plans to head onto another river. The Roeburn this time. A river I have not done so once cars and kit were sorted we headed west to the village of Wray to peak over the bridge at the river. It was on the low side of good, but we went for it anyway and boy am I glad we did as I wasn't overjoyed by my performance on the Greta. On the Roeburn I seemed to settle better and once the river was complete I was happy with the days paddling activities.

A waterfall coming into the Roeburn. Fallen trees were a major hazard on the river.

Portaging a Heath Robinson footbridge which was submerged by the river.

I should be off paddling tomorrow as there is still water in the area. Meanwhile here are the rest of the pictures from today.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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