19 December 2007

Low Water Days...

Not been paddling for a while so when I received an email from a friend away at University saying they were home for Christmas and looking to get out I replied: "Yeah. I'm up for a mission." A few texts later it was organised for him and today we met at 10:30am at the take-out for the Kent to implement our low water assault on the river.

At the start of the river just above Scroggs Weir.

It was low for sure. In fact it was the lowest I've ever seen the river and in places it was certainly bony. This made the paddling fairly easy, but ideal for a good catch up with people you've not seen for a while. Boy was it cold...

Yep. It certainly was!

At the bottom of Force Falls. This was the first time I had ever managed to get a picture of a paddler plugging the drop.

Once the Kent mission was over me and another paddler headed on in the van to the bottom section of the Leven for a bit of a scouting mission for times when there is more water flowing out the bottom of Windermere.

Me, not styling, the drop under Backbarrow Bridge.

The grade 5+ weir just after Backbarrow Bridge. This was portaged today, but in higher water there is a line somewhere near the join of the two angled sections.

Another self portrait at the bottom of the river as I waited for the other paddler to walk up and collect the van from the top.

More pictures can be found here.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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