02 December 2007

Paddling Wordsworth's River

Got out paddling again today. It was another step down from Friday's Wenning trip, but still it was nice to get out on the river once again. In the last five days I've been out on five different rivers, and two of those day's I didn't actually leave Penwortham with a boat. It's a nice set up I've got at the moment.

Anyway the river we paddled today was the Rothay, which flows down through Grasmere and then on through Rydal Water before draining into Windermere. It's an easy river, mainly flat flowing currents around meanders and through trees with the odd rapid which may border on the top end of grade two. It was a club trip so there was plenty of people on the water, 27 at one point, so we were divided into groups and I was left with the responsibility to shadow a group of four beginners, who were experiencing their first river trip. There were four swims during the day and I had a hand in each of the rescues. Not a bad day when it came down to it. Looking to get out again tomorrow. I'll just leave you with the limited number of pictures from the day.

Briefing the large number of paddlers on Grasmere at the start.

Paddling across Rydal Water heading for the next section of the Rothay.

Looking back upstream at my group.

A paddler powering through the waves found near the bottom of the river at the Hotel Weir.

Team Surfing the Hotel Weir.

Looking up towards Ambleside and the Lake District fells.

On the Banks of a Rocky Stream

BEHOLD an emblem of our human mind
Crowded with thoughts that need a settled home,
Yet, like to eddying balls of foam
Within this whirlpool, they each other chase
Round and round, and neither find
An outlet nor a resting-place!
Stranger, if such disquietude be thine,
Fall on thy knees and sue for help divine.

- William Wordsworth

More pictures can be found here.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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