30 November 2007

Back down to the river

Went paddling again today. It seems that I work on a Tuesday and a Thursday and then the rest of my week is filled up with paddling activities. Not a bad life but it takes a bit out of you and maybe that is why today's activities were not as high octane as two days back. Quite frankly though I wasn't bothered: I just like to be out paddling. Yes I do prefer the harder rivers, but if that was the only thing I got out of bed for I wouldn't be doing much paddling as they aren't in condition that often. Today we headed to the Wenning, one of the tributaries of the Lune, which flows through Bentham, Wennington and many other villages that have that League of Gentleman feel.

A self portrait near the beginning of the trip with the rest of the group in the background.

Running one of the small drops on the river. The river is characterised by shingle rapids and this was one of the few times the river dropped over something more solid.

The smaller weir, which you run with the intention to land on one of the concrete spurs, which are on either side of the paddler.

The main event on the Wenning, looked at from above...

...and looked at from below. The next paddler down took a swim here, which isn't ideal as there is a tree across the river. It can be paddled over as the current does flow over it in places, but it's not the best place to be swimming. Luckily the swimmer managed to regain control before they came to the tree so they just climbed over it. Unfortunately the boat got pinned underneath it and it took a small while to recover.

At the end of the trip is a fairly sticky hole which can be side surfed, but it is a fight to get out of.

Another great day on the water, but my body is starting to take the toll now. I am planning to get out tomorrow on the Upper Rawthey if we can muster a crew, but I'll only be going if it is definitely a goer. Paddling on Sunday as well, well not paddling, but more shepherding people down the Rothay over in Ambleside. There will be posts for any water related activities mind so check back to see what goes down.

More pictures can be found here.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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