26 November 2007

Back on Track

A raft on the Tryweryn when I was there on my Five Star Training.

My Gap Year stalled a couple of weeks ago when I came back from Scotland where I had been working for PGL. It stalled for one main reason really and that was my financial situation. I just didn't have enough money to implement the plans I had for this three month break. I had enough money to get out to New Zealand and insure all the travelling, but i just didn't have enough money to live off whilst I was out there. The other major problem would have been the fact that i wouldn't have been able to drive whilst I was out there as their age limit is 21 and I'm only 19 :-(

Now I think I have it sorted. I've found a £5.52/hour job just round the corner from where I live where I work 15 hours over two days. This then gives me plenty of free time and once I've got my transport situation sorted I can spend four days a week away paddling wherever the water is so that could be Scotland, the Lakes, Wales or Devon.

As for the picture at the top of the post: does it have much relevance? Yes. I got my contracts through from PGL Recruitment on Saturday for next year and it is exactly what I wanted. On the 13th February I will be heading north once again to work at Dalguise as an Activity Instructor/Group Leader, like I was doing only a couple of weeks ago. Whilst there I should get my ropes qualifications so once again I am adding to my instructor portfolio, which has been happening ever since I started PGL. My contract at Dalguise finishes at the end of April, but there is nothing to worry about, as the very next day my new contract starts at Embrun. That's right I am eventually getting to work at the centre I wanted to work at ever since the first day with PGL. Here I will be a multi-activity instructor, which means anything I have qualifications in I'll instruct in. Therefore I'll be working on sailing, kayaking, ropes (if I get the qualification) and rafting sessions. Before anyone mentions that I don't have my rafting qualification you are correct, however between finishing at Dalguise and starting at Embrun I am booked on, courtesy of PGL, a BCU Level 1 Raft Guide Training Course at Canolfan Tryweryn, hence the picture.

It's all looking good again.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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