05 November 2007

A long time

Looking out of the plane window on the way to Exeter.

12th October 7:45pm
It's been a long time since my last blog post, not because I've not been doing anything: I've been doing that much I've not had time to stop, sit down and collect my thoughts so I can jot some stuff down on paper.

Centre life has got better and better and it felt much more like home quicker than Tamaris when I was out there just over a month ago. I have been really busy at work working six days a week instructing in well over ten activities, but that was like France. What isn't like France is the out of work life. There is still the drinking, but not too the same proportions and there's much more which is consistent through out PGL never mind the country. However in Scotland you actually do things on your day off like going paddling (River Tay) or climbing (Dundee Climbing Wall or the local crag which is a £2 taxi ride away). That is what has made my Dalguise experience so amazing. It's just a shame it is so short and it's getting shorter as I finish in 19 days, but 8 of those days are going to be off site.

Tomorrow morning I leave at 6am to catch a flight down south to Exeter and PGL's Osmington Bay site. Why? We're over staffed next week and they're understaffed so week long transfers have occurred. I was slightly annoyed at first about the transfer however it isn't all bad; I already know someone there. My Assistant Chief Instructor from Tamaris. This means I should be in for an amazing time as a lot of my mates from Tamaris are around the Osmington Bay area.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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