04 November 2007

An Evening Paddle

Looking down the Loch from where we run our kayaking sessions towards the Crannog Centre.

Looking up the Loch from where we run our kayaking sessions.

20th September 11:28am
Last night when I had finished work at 5pm me and numerous other members of staff headed for an early tea and then a road trip to Loch Tay for an evening paddle. I managed to find space for Alistair which meant I did not have to use one of the PGL boats stored on the Loch side. Even though it was flat water paddling and not some raging Scottish Burn I had an amazing time cartwheeling and generally prating around. It was also a good way to bond with some of the PGL staff.

Today I am a Groupie, which is a fairly easy job that allows you to have two three hour breaks; hence the post at mid-day. However the only downside is that you don't finish work till 9pm and you have to eat your meals with primary school kids.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

PS. I eventually feel comfortable rolling Alistair in full white water gear again. I took a swim from him on the Garry at Easter and never really got back in him as Roger appeared on the scene. The only time I did use him between the swim and now was in a pool or on the Washburn where I totally trashed my hands. This dented my confidence somewhat.

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