04 November 2007

Another day paddling

Got out paddling again today. This time it wasn't on flat water but instead on a low water Halton. This stretch of rapids are found just outside Lancaster on the River Lune. This stretch is used frequently by the people I paddle with as a place to introduce paddlers to moving and white water. It's good for that I suppose when it's low, but not good for anything else. It's much better when it is stonking down, almost bursting it's banks, where there are enormous waves, holes and eddy lines that can be frightening if your unsure of where to go. The low water made the days paddle slightly uninteresting but it was a chance to be out with my paddling mates on the river and because I took both Roger and Alistair I could swap boats to try and make it that bit more interesting.

Tiger on the island in the middle of Halton.

Me posing at the the top of Halton Rapids.

Looking down towards the rapids.

One of the small surf waves which are found at this level. Be warned just after the wave there is a rather large rock, which hurts when your head connects with it.

Some paddlers sat at the bottom of the rapids.

Surfing another wave. This wave is fairly flat and can be good for spins if you've got your head screwed on.

More pictures can be found here and more Dalguise updates are to follow shortly.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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