25 November 2007

More paddling stories

Went paddling again today. This was my first trip with the canoe club I've been a member of for the past four years and it started like most club trips: disorganised chaos in some random car park. The random car park today was the car park belonging to the services at Burton-in-Kendal on the M6. There was a fair few paddlers, about 22 in total, of varying ability so the trip was split in two. One group went and ran the Crake, which flows out the bottom of Coniston Water and the other group, the group I was a part of, went to the Upper Lune. The only problem was my transport was heading to the Crake so after a bit of boat swapping I was on my way to the river with no idea how I would make my way back to Preston.

I've paddled the Upper Lune a fair few times now and I think if you go back to entries I made in February there will be a bit of waffling from me about the river ant the lines that were taken and such things. Nothing really amazing happened on the river. I made eddies, I surfed waves and ran gorge sections. We had two swimmers at the crux of the river, which was dealt with swiftly and without problem.

Getting home proved easily enough. I managed to get a lift back to a services, Lancaster Forton this time, where we had to wait a fair while before my connecting vehicle to Preston arrived back from the Crake with stories of swims on Bobbin Mill Rapid. I'll just leave you with some pictures from the day.

Getting on the river.

Making a break out in one of the mini-gorge sections.

Surfing a wave on the river.

Paddling down the river after one of the gorge sections.

Letterbox Rapid.

The Strid, the crux on the river.

The group at the end of the river.

More pictures can be found here.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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