05 November 2007

A river for once

One of the many flat sections of the Tay.

Grandtully Rapids which is the main point of interest on the section of the Tay which is close to centre.

24th September 8:03pm
I've just this minute got off the river and got changed in my room. The river was the Tay and me and a guy I worked with at Tamaris and now Dalguise decided we would put on at the Loch and then paddle down to where the river if five minutes from the centre. Doesn't sound bad? What about if I say it's a twenty mile trip? No? We started at 3pm? Not the best of ideas but its the only time we could get the boats and ourselves to the Loch. That in itself was interesting especially when both Roger and the other bat decided to dismount the car slightly early when we were still driving.

The river was alright. It was mainly flat water with a couple of grade two ripples and Grandtully which may have pushed three. However it was nice to be back out on a river especially as the last river experience I had was back before the France trip. Paddling so late in the day also gave an added interest as we were worried we would still be paddling in the dark. Luckily we got off just as the sun started going down. I was prepared for the trip mind: I had all the kit you could think of for any eventuality. All in all a very good first day off in Scotland. Now for a party.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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