03 November 2007

Back to work I go

The main house at PGL Dalguise. This was the summer home of Beatrix Potter.

13th September 11:27am
I headed out from Preston four days ago so I could return to work for PGL for a further two months at their Scottish centre near Perth. However I am not there at the moment. I will be soon mind. At the moment I am sat in a top bunk after completing my first assessment at PGL's flagship centre, Boreatton Park (pronounced Bratton Park) where I am doing a Group Leader/Activity Instructor course.

The course is good fun and taught by some rather cool PGL workers and one of them is going to be my Assistant Chief Instructor at Dalguise so I'm getting to know my boss already. As for the centre: I'm not keen. I think it's just too big. There are over 200 members of staff, which is considerably bigger than Tamaris and Tamaris was big enough for me. I also don't like the night life here when compared to Tamaris. Everyone stays on site and I just don't like that.

However I am really looking forward to working at Dalguise as I can get back in a boat on some hard white water like the Braan, which is right at my back door. There is also climbing and mountain biking to dabble in. It just sounds amazing when I talk to the Assistant Chief Instructor. The centre doesn't have an Internet connection or a mobile signal so I'm going to be out of contact with the bid wide world, which I'm not sure about, but it will make it a different experience to France. This also means the blog will run like it did out in France, but it will feature more paddling stories and pictures so the old Rockratrobinson posts will be back.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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