04 November 2007

Flower of Scotland

Looking over the Tay Valley.

18th September 8:05pm
I eventually made it to Perthshire, Scotland and PGL's Dalguise centre on Sunday after a 10 hour car journey from PGL's Shropshire centre, Boreatton Park. Dalguise is lovely. It is set in 58 acres of the Craigvinean Forest and our main base is an 18th century Scottish manor house, which was formerly the summer house of Beatrix Potter. On my first day on site I had a mixture of inductions and training and my second full day on site, which was today, contained four mountain biking sessions that were fun. Today a lot of staff were on day off so they headed to Loch Tay and the local rivers for some extra-curricular activities.

This is what I am going to enjoy up in Scotland; my days off. In Tamaris they were rather boring, but the night life was much better there. I've got my first day off on Monday so to the rivers I will head either with staff or if I can't get a team together I may turn to the Internet for help, which could be difficult as there is no connection here. What there is, is a bag of classic rivers like the Braan and Tummel on my back door. SWEET!!! I also have all my kayaking kit here so I'll be able to boat in comfort once again. However Alistair isn't here at the moment as a friend from Tamaris, and who is now here, is using him for a day. Roger is sat with all the other staff's kayaks.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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