05 September 2008

I've Relocated

My new hometown.

As of yesterday I am now a resident of the English border city, Carlisle. That does mean I have eventually left the PGL bubble behind as I enter the real[?] world and start studying for a degree in Outdoor Leadership just down the road at the University of Cumbria's, Newton Rigg Campus. It's quite scary being out in the big bad world, but I hit twenty this year and it might be the right time to move away from the easy PGL life where you have to worry about nothing as accommodation and food is provided and just deducted from your wage. I now have to do that for myself and pay my own bills. Scary? This does mean that my gap year is officially over as well. It's been a good year with lots of downs and twice as many ups. Just click the categories link 'Gap Year' to see what went around.

Living in Carlisle does mean that I am back in my paddling homeland of Cumbria. The place where I learnt to paddle and love to return to and paddle rivers of old as well as rivers of new. I'll be looking at getting Roger the Rocker II out on the Cumbria becks as soon as possible and show him around the waters that his predecessor navigated.

I'll always be looking for paddling partners. Just get in touch.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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