21 September 2008

Kettlewell Car Park, 11am...

is all I knew about today. Well, actually I knew I was going paddling with my mum on Derwent Water with some guys from Ribble Canoe Club, but I didn't know much else. I didn't even know how to get there. Google Earth sorted that out for me last night so I set off in good time with a series of turns to be made once I had reached the large round-about by The Sands Centre in Carlisle. To cut a long story short I arrived at the rather full car park before 11am, paid an extortionate price to park and then got ready to get on the water.

A composite Valley Avocet sat on the western shore of Derwent Water.

As would be expected from a flat water paddle in the Lake District the views were stunning and in no way possible did I manage to do them justice with my camera. I tried. The weather wasn't the best you could have asked for mind. It was overcast for most of the day and glimpses of blue sky were few and far between. However, the water was still calm and when sat still, not dipping a paddle in the water, the reflections were perfectly mirrored in the surface.

Jemma and me on the lake waiting for the others to put a fire out we came across on our paddle.

Once on the water at the National Trust's Kettlewell Car Park we headed south to the mouth of the river before crossing to the west shore where we stopped for dinner. We then carried on north to the top of the lake paddling past islands and bays, enjoying the warm September day. Eventually we reached the top of the lake and the only thing left for us to do was explore the eastern shore. That is exactly what we did on our return journey to the vehicles.

Trekking back down the eastern shore. My mum's reflection is slightly broken as the drip of the paddle creates ripples on the surface.

A clearer reflection on the surface of the lake.

Once back at the beach we had launched from we swapped around boats, tried this and that and practiced some rolls before packing everything away. Rather than heading back to the busy metropolis of Carlisle straight away we had a leisurely chat, drink and bite to eat sat by the waters edge.

Zac the dog sporting his new buoyancy aid in his canoe.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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