12 October 2008

Not a lot doing...

A cold October morning on Derwent Water, Keswick.

I've not done much today. In fact I've done nothing. Friday saw a lot of rain, which would have meant there would have been water in the becks and rivers on Saturday however I didn't manage to get out as I had visitors. Today, the water has all gone and with no plans made to meet anyone for a paddle I resided myself to a day of nothing. I have given my van the once over and topped up the windscreen wash, but that's the most productive I've been. Trawling the internet has taken up much of my time and I briefly read the latest Canoe Focus and sent a few emails off.

I have, whilst reading Canoe Focus and trawling the internet come acros
s, not for the first time, the biography of Andy Jackson, which is entitled Tall Stories; Andy Jackson a Biography. It's written by Ronald Cameron, published by Pesda Press and the royalties from the book are going to be devided equally between the Andy Jackson Fund for Access and the IcFem mission in Kenya.
"Andy Jackson was Scotland's most eminent kayaker ever. Andy's limelight lasted the decade that kayaking took centre stage. He was the emerging leader when there were fewer than 20 Topos in Scotland, and still followed now there are hundreds. It will never be possible again, to do so many first descents in Scotland. Andy was the key instigator of the first comprehensive guidebook, and will have died happy that Scotland has emerged as a world leader in access legislation for ordinary people. Andy's huge frame matched his huger personality, and without giving lessons he taught everyone he met something frequently life changing."
- Andy England, 2005

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet styff...

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