10 October 2008

Scotland, not Scotland, Scotland

Today was another day of kayaking practicals and they were kicked off, once the trailer and bus was loaded up, with a mad dash north across the border into Scotland to hopefully paddle a river over there. Through out the hour long drive the rain lashed against the van, on crossing the Eden we were greeted with a big brown, frothing torrent so when pulling up at our final destination there was little surprise in what we would be greeted with.

The face of our instructor as we stare over the bridge...

and what greeted us on the other side of the bridge.

With our tale between our legs we said enough was enough and headed back across the border to England to go and find something to paddle. It was decided that it would be Ullswater. That big lake in the northern Lake District, which was a good hour-and-a-bit of a drive away so a lot of time in the van was the order of the morning.

Entertaining ourselves on the road back to the Lake District.

Eventually we reached our final destination. A car park besides a raging Glenridding Beck. We kitted up, once we had filled our bellies, and got on the lake for a blast around on the windy waters. Once exhausted on the lake we played around on the lower section of the beck before heading across the lake to jump off some rocks into the water.

Descending Glenridding Beck.

Crossing Glenridding Beck.

Unfortunately I've no pictures of us tomb stoning into the lake as my camera started playing up. However, this rock jumping gave me the ideal opportunity to test the new neck seal I fitted this week using the bread bin and a lot of Aquasure. I'll probably be off paddling this weekend at some point.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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