03 October 2008

Trailers, Minibuses and Kayaking

Today was the end of the third week at university and the first day of our practical sessions, which count towards our degree. What better way of kicking off the practicals than a day's kayaking with Sean from Wild River Coaching. I was a bit sceptical about the day as there was a vast range of experience in the group ranging from myself - been kayaking five years - to people who didn't even know the difference between a kayak and a canoe. However, the day was a great success for everyone in the group no matter what their experience.

Packing everyone into the minibus before departing.

The day kicked off with an hour of sorting gear and packing it away into the trailer and the minibus. We were then on the road heading for Derwent Water where we would be spending the day. Most of the morning, once we had arrived, was spent looking at paddlesport fundamentals like connectivity with the boat, posture and driving the boat. Then in the afternoon, once fed and watered, we carried on around the lake shore to the mouth of the mighty Derwent for a river descent.

On Derwent Water admiring the nature and scenery.

The Derwent was definitely mighty. There was some current evident and we all just happily floated down the river chatting away, laughing and joking. Eventually we came to a small measuring weir where some of us tried to surf a small, green wave with no foam pile what so ever. It was fun anyway. The day was rounded off with some swimming practice in the current before packing up and heading for home.

Beating our way up wind to the mouth of the mighty Derwent.

Walking back to our boats after a bit of swimming practice.

One major thing I learnt from the day is that my dry suit is like a sieve. In inspecting the neck seal I think it may need replacing so there's a job for the weekend and with crossed fingers that should then be a fully working dry suit once again.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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