02 November 2009

A couple of G's...

End of the World, Glenridding Beck.

After all I said in my last post on Saturday, the very next day comes and I wish I could be out boating. Typical. On Sunday it seemed that the heavens had opened for a good twelve hours and from the state of my phone inbox and missed calls register the Lakes was going off. However, I couldn't join anyone on any of their boating missions; I was inside climbing away whilst planning my training plan more thoroughly for next year's project. I was able to get out today, with paddle in hand, though.

Getting in below End in the World.

Having decided that everything would be off the scale I opened the guidebook, picked a beck I had never done before and decided that would be where we started our day. However, my logic was a bit flawed as when we pulled up at the top of Glenridding Beck there wasn't as much water as we had hoped for. Not to worry; it meant we had to get in below the main event, End of the World, and just bash on downstream.

Somewhere on Glenridding Beck before Underworld.

It was all pretty much read and run from the boat, but we did get out a couple of times: once to sort a swim; and once more for an inspection of Underworld, which we eventually decided to walk as there were so many ifs, buts and maybes when it came to the staircase of falls.

A tight squeeze, Glenridding Beck.

Once finished up - conscience of the time; some of the crew had to be back for lectures at 3pm - we loaded the vehicles and sped off for a quick blast down a very full Greta. It was big and bouncy, quick and fun, but it was soon over. En-route back to Penrith we called in on Glenderamackin Beck on the hope that it was still going; it wasn't. So it was back home for tea and medals.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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