18 November 2009

In the morning...

On the 2.5km walk-in for the quick paddle back down to Mungrisedale.

I got a phone call yesterday as it was raining cats and dogs asking if I would be boating today (Wednesday). I wanted to say: "yes," however I had an afternoon lecture in Training and Coaching for Climbing so was reluctant to sign up for a paddling trip so I hung up after making it clear that I had to be back on campus at 1pm.

Somewhere on the log flume ride back down to civilisation.

Later on that evening I got a text saying we'd meet at 9am in Penrith and I agreed to this in the knowledge that if we stayed local I could easily make it back to campus for a spot of lecturing. Wednesday obviously came along, as it usually follows Tuesday, and we had a moving rendezvous on the A66 to save time and were soon looking over the bridge at Mungrisedale to find a gushing torrent heading downstream on the Glenderamackin.

The last drop in Mungrisedale just before you get off the river.

We kitted up quickly, I donned the new 2009 Typhoon Drysuit, with Adidas 'chav' stripes, and set off on foot, boats on our backs, in the direction of Scales Tarn and Sharp Edge. After a long slog up hill we threw the boats down to the river bank and headed off down the log flume ride back into Mungrisedale.

More pictures of November's beck bashing missions can be found here.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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