23 November 2009

Somebody call International Rescue

After the weekend I have just had I really could have done with one day to relax, chill out and get my head sorted with everything that is, and has been going on, since I started back at University in September. However, life must go on, and it seems that life is becoming more and more hectic each year. I suppose the one saving grace is that today instead of sitting in lectures, or sitting in an office, I was out on the crag 'climbing'.

Escaping the system by removing your harness. A sure fire way of scaring your second.

The weather wasn't conducive to a good climbing environment, but the show must go on - this seems to be a recurring theme in this post - so instead of climbing we focused, once again, on rope work that could be needed when climbing. In this particular instance it was rope work needed in rescue situations, hence the title of the post, so much of the time was spent hanging around on the rope, a little way off the ground, whilst your partner either escaped the system, hoisted you up the rock wall, or came and joined you so you could abseil back down to the ground together.

Getting cosy on a two person abseil.

It was a fun day and it did allow me some time to recollect my thoughts and regain my energy ready for another hectic period that I am sure will begin in only a few days time.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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