16 January 2010

The big thaw...

Since the flooding in November I haven't really been out and about in the Lake District with a boat, in fact I've not been in a boat since the flooding, and as a result I haven't been able to see what damage the floods have left behind. Anyway after that came the fire that burnt down Penrith's Morrisons and then we had the big freeze. Now we're into the big thaw and I made the most of it this afternoon with a roller coaster ride down a surprisingly high Greta and then an Alpine run down a snow melt chocked Newland's Beck.

The most notable damage from the November flooding.

I've paddled the Greta countless times, and still I have been unable to get a decent picture, which does the river some justice. This was different for Newland's Beck, I'm not saying I managed to take any pictures that did it justice, but I've never paddled it before and so it was a nice change from the normal boating around the Keswick area.

Descending Newland's Beck with Hindscarth in the background.

The main event on Newland's Beck.

Clouds rolling over Skiddaw.

I'm thinking of heading out again tomorrow to make the most of this melt water before another big freeze heads in as has been predicted for the middle of next week.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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