17 January 2010

Border's Boating

A church besides the Esk in Langholm.

I said yesterday that I would be out and about, with paddle in hand, to make use of this melt water. However, it seems that much of the melt water has been and gone and on this basis I found myself getting on the Esk in the Borders, which was flowing brown, but was not as big as some would have liked.

The main event on the Esk.

This to me didn't really matter. I was on a new river, in my boat floating around, carving into eddies and after such a long dry spell, where the most water my boat saw was the cups of coffee I carry from the kitchen through into the lounge, this was enough to be content with.

Breaking out on the Esk.

Once we'd made the six or so mile descent from Langholm to Canonbie we reloaded the cars and headed a couple of miles up the road for a quick park and huck off Penton Linn on the Liddle. The Linn comprises of four drops, which nearly feed into one another, and is some 500m long, but it provided entertainment and there was some good sinus cleansing as you punched through the sizable holes.

Walking back to the car after paddling Penton Linn on the Liddle.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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