07 June 2010

Random Waffling

Motivation seems to be lacking at the moment, not only for writing the blog, but also for getting up and out of the house. I am unsure why this is, but I can probably put it down to being tired, both mentally and physically, from a hectic two months spent climbing. I suppose Switzerland capped it all off and now I need to think about recharging the batteries properly before starting back at Go Ape for the busy summer period.

This is harder said than done; I don't like sitting around the house and so today, after I dragged myself out of bed, I slumped into the van and drove down to the Borrowdale Valley. The name of the game was bolt clipping at Dalt Quarry, but the weather thwarted my plans. I had to retire to the Bowderstone instead where the holds were only just dry enough to crank on. It was a short lived session: I ticked both The Crack Direct (V5) and Super Direct (V6) before eventually getting On the Rebound (V7) after a couple of false starts, but still The Bowderiser (V6) thwarted my attempts.

The Crack Direct (V5).

And now for my thoughts on Switzerland:
  • It's a very long way from the UK.
  • It's a very nice country.
  • There is a lot of neatly piled fire wood in the strangest of places.
  • They have a lot of quaint, wooden houses.
  • Was it really worth it?

Moving into The Crack Super Direct (V6).

I'm not too sure on the answer to that question, I would probably say "yes" four times out of five, because of the sheer simplicity of the trip, but I don't feel like I experienced enough of the rivers, culture and scenery for the amount of time spent couped up in a minibus. I suppose the strangest thing about the trip was the way in which everyone kept trying to make comparisons to things that were familiar to them. A classic one being: "this [Swiss river] is very like [insert name of local river]" and this makes me really think hard about the answer to the question posed previously; is it really worth driving 3000 miles to experience something that is very similar to something closer to home?

Back on The Crack Direct (V5) after adding the sit start to make On the Rebound (V7).

I suppose many could argue that the rapids and rivers alone do not make up an experience, but I found myself longing for the Lake District whilst I was away and this makes me think about what Dave MacLeod wrote a couple of weeks ago:
"In 17 years I’ve never once felt bored or short of new things to go and climb within three hours drive of my house. What more could you ask for?"
The answer could be more time and money to explore those things close to your home, so that when you do make enough money, and find enough time to travel farther afield, the experience will seem more worthwhile, as you won't be longing to explore those areas that are close to home.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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