22 June 2010

William Wordsworth...

once said:
"in the combinations which they [mountains] make, towering above each other, or lifting themselves in ridges like the waves of a tumultuous sea, and in the beauty and variety of their surfaces and colours, they are surpassed by none."
Looking across Goat's Water to Goat's Hawse and The Old Man of Coniston.

He certainly got it right. Today I was down in the South Lakes climbing on Dow Crag, which is high up above Goat's Water behind The Old Man of Coniston. The day didn't start out that great with cloud swirling around the base of the crag, but it eventually lifted, leaving us with views of Coniston and beyond, and when we left the crag it was setting itself up for a beautiful evening.

Soloing past some blue bells on Giant's Crawl (D).

Unknown climbers on Pink Panther (E2, 5c).

Looking out from The Amphitheatre, in Easter Gully, down to Goat's Water.

Making moves across the slab on the first pitch of Murray's Route (S).

It was a fantastic day, and hopefully I'll be heading out tomorrow, for a day that will be just as spectacular. The Lake District is certainly the place to be during this amazing spell of weather we've been having; it shows it at its best.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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