01 July 2010

Dry Times

Looking out north across Thirlmere.

It's not properly rained for a very long time now and as a result many of Cumbria's becks, streams and rivers have turned to trickles and many of the lake's shorelines have receded considerably. This has meant a number of things - water shortages and hose pipe bans for one - but when it comes to Thirlmere a new bouldering venue has been opened up. The infamous Thirlmere Boulders sit, for the majority of the year, under water, but late in the summer months they usually make an appearance and the local climbers head to this novelty venue to experience some of the cleanest rock in the whole of Cumbria.

Whale Arete (V5).

However, because of the prolonged dry spell we've been experiencing, the boulders have made an early appearance, and I headed over there yesterday, after assisting on a canoeing session for the university, for a quick bouldering session.

Thirlmere with Blencathra in the distance.

I ticked a number of the problems in the two hours I spent down on the lake shore before heading for home with the knowledge that rain was forecast for the following day. I suppose it won't have an affect on the level of Thirlmere so there will be plenty more visits throughout the summer to this Atlantis of bouldering venues.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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