25 March 2007

An Amazing Find

Just did a Google search for 'Halton Rapids', where I will be next weekend paddling/swimming on a White Water Safety and Rescue course with Tom Parker, and to my surprise when I went to the second page of results shown at the top were the names of two people I know extremely well. In fact it was down to these two individuals that I first got in a boat and got hooked on paddle sport. From here I dutifully clicked the link to find the above picture staring me back in the face.

The picture was taken on New Year's Day 2006 and from what I remember the Lune was fairly meaty that day and only a couple of us got on the water. In fact I've just looked back to my logbook and pulled this out for the particular day:
Paddled the lower section the most as there was a nice set of waves a short ferry from the only real eddy at the bottom. Managed to spin in these a couple of times. I ran the rapids from half way before heading back to the car. Managed to miss the best wave but got out and walked back around it to try again; I span in it that time.
Not really War and Peace, but even now I am starting to remember that day of paddling. What also struck me by the picture is how much my boating kit has changed; looking at it the only piece of kit I am still using are my AT's and they are showing some abuse. I'll leave it here before I get even more sentimental and carry on searching the Internet in the hope that it will bring me back some more wonderful gems of history.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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